waseem akhlaque

Waseem Akhlaque is an eager person who has developed a trustworthy approach to manage any task that he endeavours, or situation that he is given. As a graduate (MBA) with twelve years’ of experience in education industry especially with contribution in administration/management, he is splendid in working with others to achieve a particular objective on time and with significance.

Being a Teacher and Coordinator (In Dubai, UAE based School or even in Pakistan based School) his job is to implement international curriculum in school smoothly and up to the mark/standard. Provide professional assistance to other teachers to make sure effective use of technology in classrooms while teaching. In short he has broad experience to deliver educational course to students or professional development to staff members/employees.

Online classes

Number of years experience in delivering lectures with the maximum use of of Technology.


Experienced Trainer specially in conducting Professional development session about use of Technology

virtual academy

Founded virtual academy to deliver lessons in real time.

profile Review

Taught Economics/Accounts to IGCSE/O Level/A Level and Mathematics to IGCSE at Dubai, UAE based School and in Pakistan based School as well. Conducted and Monitored international assessments/examinations (A/O Level examinations and other international benchmark tests) with the collaboration of British Council and Australian council for education. Conducted Professional developments to teachers on various topics like enrichment of school curriculum, measuring/tracking progress of students, use of technology in classrooms. Conducted continuous research on enrichment of school curriculum to present new findings/upgrades in front of board of governors. 

Digital Teacher

Had been a lead teacher in use of ICT in classroom through out his career


Conducted various Professional Developments specifically about use of Technology 2015-17

virtual classroom